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SalaR Khiabani
Date of Birth
3 May 1997

My Cover Letter gives only a glimpse of me...

I’m actually a General medicine student cleverly disguised as a successful web developer. Since it was relatively clear early on that it would be slightly more than difficult to make a living sitting under a tree while reading Anatomy, I’ve focused my energies on the web, which happily has proven itself to be a wonderful decision.

I don’t like to define myself by the work I’ve done. I define myself by the work I want to do. Skills can be taught, personality is inherent. I prefer to keep learning, continue challenging myself, and do interesting things that matter.

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پست های بلاگ

مطالعه: 3 دقیقه تا حالا شده یه نفر بهتون بگه ماکیاولیسم و متوجه نشین منظورش چه جور غذاییه ، فرق آتییست با آرتیست چیه یا وقتی میگیم من فمنیستم میدونیم یعنی چی؟ تنبلی رو بذاریم کنار و این مشکل رو یکبار برای همیشه حل کنیم. هم پز داره هم اطلاعات عمومیمون میره بالاتر، پس مطالب ایسم شناسی رو دنبال کنین.
مطالعه: 2 دقیقه مقدمه ای بر داستان تخیلی واقعی انتن قوری !\r\nمدتی بود که تو فکر داستان نویسی بودم ، نه اینکه نوشتار یا گفتارم خوب باشه نه اصلا… من فقط ترجیه یا ترجیح دارم یا میدم که شاید بتونم اتفاقات زندگیمو به شکلی جدید و به سبک خودم بنویسم.
مطالعه: 2 دقیقه اکثر ما اگه با خودمون روراست باشیم متوجه یه دوگانگی نسبت به والدینمون میشیم، درحالی که به بعضیشون حتی اجازه ی بروز نمیدیم. منظورم اینه که در سطحی باور داریم که شاید حق نداریم نسبت به والدین تنفر ، خشم…
مطالعه: < 1 دقیقه انجمن بین‌المللی تیزهوشان با گروه‌های متعدد ملی و منطقه‌ای در سراسر جهان است که اقدام به گردآوری افراد دارای بهره هوشی بالا کرده و با برنامه‌های سازماندهی شده، سعی در استفاده هر چه بهتر از هوش اعضا دارد.
مطالعه: < 1 دقیقه طرح سوالی که چرا وبلاگ نویسی رو شروع کردم و به دنبال چه هستم؟ شاید وبلاگ نویسی منسوخ شده باشه ولی من همچنان معتقدم بهترین راه تبادل اطلاعات در بستر اینترنت به فضایی خارج از محدوده ی دسترس ما همین باشه!

Experience gained over the Years

Miles to go before...

The journey of thousand miles


May 1997 to September 2006

I was born in Tabriz, Iran. but i raised my first 8 years of my life in Kurdistan province.

after that me and my sister continued our education in Tehran.

start coding

Start Coding

June 2006 to May 2009

From my childhood i started to make blogfa themes as i wondered about blog writing in my first blog which is and i started coding from there!

Elementary School

November 2007 to June 2010

I have been in Mehraein Elementary school and in those years i lost most of time for being someone due to hard programs in so called good schools for studying only!

High School

November 2010 to June 2012

I went to Salam Tajrish Highschool , for the first two years i studied mathematics and i applied to Atomic Energy for Olympiad although i have accepted total 6 times in 4 field only 1st round!

Science School

September 2012 to June 2014

Despite my interest my family forced me to study science so i have changed it in my highschool, these years i had huge loss of motivation in studying a major !

Study Islam

September 2013 to June 2014

In order to keep myself motivated i started to study new fields, i got interested in islam so i study so many books related to it, from Quran to Tarikh al-tabari and many others to find out what islam is exactly!

Travel To Hungary

September 2014 to May 2018

I have continued my General Medicine in hungary , Pecs. where i have had so many possibilities to learn new things. i started my dream of being freelancer there so that was the begining!

Medical Student

September 2018 to Now 2020

I Came back to tehran, iran and for clarification IUMS University continued my General Medicine, despite i have limited time due to hardness of my major , i could manage to do some coding and graphic designs as well…



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General Med


Creativity in Execution

My Key Strength

I tend to be a perfectionist and can linger on the details of a project which can threaten deadlines. Early on in my career, when I worked for papostone, that very thing happened. I was laboring over the details and in turn, caused my manager to be stressed when I almost missed the deadline on my deliverables. I learned the hard way back then, but I did learn. Today I’ve learned how to find the balance between perfect and very good and being timely.

My strongest asset is my work ethic and my willingness to step in when needed. I’m not afraid to take on a difficult client or do a project that nobody else wants because those are the clients and projects that teach me the most. I typically love to work outside of my job description and do whatever is asked of me. I’m not above any single task, and I take great pride in my ability to step in and adapt to any situation to get the best results for the company.

Long story short, i’d say that attention to detail is, in fact, my greatest strength.

WordPress 70%
UX/UI 60%
JQuery 70%
Illustrator 75%
Photoshop 60%
After Effects 60%
Microsoft Office 85%

Area of Interests

My Interests


I shoot because I see. I shoot because if I don’t, I don’t know who will. Activism is seen as a dirty word. I shoot because I find peace in being especially active.


There is truly a different song or type of music for every mood you can feel. Music has the ability to make you feel every kind of emotion.

live in the moment !


WordPress is developed with security in mind, and it is considered to be a very safe and secure platform to run a website. However, just like the real world, the internet can be an uncertain place.

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Projects in progress...

These Are Some Of My Recent And On Going Projects.

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